What is a “Creative Generalist”?

Wikipedia defines a generalist as “a person with a wide array of knowledge on a variety of subjects, useful or not.” Being a generalist can come in handy, and is commonly referred to as a “jack of all trades, and a master of none”.

Since “Master of None” is the title of a television show, I wanted to call my substack something similar, but without the baggage that comes with being associated with Aziz Ansari, and I don’t believe I’m skilled enough to refer to myself as a “Jack of all Trades”, no matter how many jobs I have had over the years.1

But over the years, there is one thing I have acquired a significant amount of: a wide array of knowledge on a variety of subjects, useful or not. I have been writing on the internet to a small audience for the better part of twenty years, and I’ve been podcasting off and on for that same period of time. I’ve been the co-host of a professional wrestling radio show, and I’ve dabbled in stand-up comedy as well. I am a film school dropout, and I graduated from college later on with a degree in Graphic Design and multimedia production.

All of that adds up to this: I’m a creative generalist. And this is where I’ll try to funnel all of my work. I hope you give me the gift of your attention. I will do my best to make it worth it for you.


I actually wrote a book about this, which you can purchase on Amazon, using this link.

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