Three for the Road

Poetry, Kindness, and Sweetness

Donovan Woods - Without People (Deluxe)

I discovered Donovan Woods when Apple Music suggested him because he was “similar” to William Prince. They aren’t really similar - the only similarity between them is the fact they are both Canadian. Other than that, they are completely different artists. Donovan is an amazing songwriter, who touches on the human condition and love better than most. And, nothing’s better than an record that contains lyrics about fighting in a Wendy’s parking lot. (Break Somebody’s Heart)

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

With this weeks episode of the podcast and this post, I’m veering pretty close to becoming a Ted Lasso fanpage, so I think I will make this my last mention of this show for a while. If you get a chance to subscribe to Apple TV+, please check out this series starring easily the world’s kindest man, like Mr. Rogers with a whistle.

Peanut Butter M&M’s

Halloween is Sunday, and these are the best candy on the planet right now. End of discussion, I will take no further questions.