One More Round

Writing is a lot like climbing a mountain...


Hello and welcome to Peace, Love, and Robots, a podcast about everything and anything and all that's in between, I'm your host, Jeremy, and this is season 2, episode 8 for November 3, 2021

I guess it was an election night yesterday, or something. But I'm not going to talk politics. You can get something far more intelligent an insightful about that elsewhere. I'm just concerned with creativity, pop culture, and podcasting. Leave the politics to the pros.

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You know what the worst part about writing is? Proofreading.

Last week, I printed out a completed manuscript, three hole punched it, and put it in a binder. Then, I took that manuscript with a red pen, and started proofreading. It's exhausting work. And in the back of my head, the same mantra comes back to haunt me.

"Who cares about this? Nobody but you."

"Nobody's going to want to read this."

"This is crap! You're no writer! You're a hack."

Over and over again. Sometimes it feels crippling. Like, I can't even go on. I need to stop, take a breath, and continue.

Have you ever gone on a hike? Or climbed a mountain? Years ago, I went on a long hike in the Adirondacks. It was one of the shorter peaks, but it was a grueling hike for a guy like me. I was, like I am now, pretty out of shape. And walking up a mountain was the last thing my body was ready for.

I was with Mike, a former boxer and a friend of mine, who had done this particular hike many times, and he hung back with me while the rest of the group went on. Every time we rounded a corner, my hopes of seeing the top were dashed. I was sweating, thirsty, my legs ached more with each step.

I almost gave up. Mike approached me, put a hand on my shoulder as I seemed to gasp for air. Sweat rolled down my forehead. "Look man, we're almost there. You gotta give me one more round. We're almost there."

This was all I needed to hear. I kept pushing myself. He kept encouraging me. "One more round. You've got this."

Eventually, the trees and the rest of the plantlife began to thin. The air was a bit cooler, and a breeze was cooling the sweat on my head. There were large stones ahead of me, forming an entry for the peak. And just beyond that, nothing but blue sky.

I quickened my pace. Each step lighter than the last. I reached the stones, and put my hands on each side, and pulled myself up. I shouted victoriously as my eyes began to take in the view. I did it.

I could give up while I'm proofreading. I could just set the manuscript aside and move on. Just like I could have turned around on that mountain all those years ago. But I'm almost there. One more round. And when I reach the peak, I'm going to shout victoriously.

One more round.

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